Crystal Delaney



Conversational, Sarcastic, Upbeat, Professional mid-20s to 40s+ Female Voice

Crystal�"s voice shines in roles that possesses a versatile and dynamic range. She is tailored perfectly for a broad spectrum of applications. Her voice is able to bring stories to life in audiobook narrations, captivating listeners with its depth and emotive power. For children's educational materials, video games, and animations, she transforms, adopting the playful tones and vibrant energy needed to engage young minds and spark imagination. Her voice is also able to carry a clear, professional quality ideal for phone system messaging, where clarity and a pleasant tone are paramount. For audio web content, she is both inviting and authoritative, drawing listeners in and keeping them engaged. In the realms of scientific, technical, and medical narrations, it becomes precise and informative, capable of conveying complex information in an accessible and engaging manner. Crystal�"s voice is able to adapt into the world of animation and character voices with ease, adopting various personas and emotional ranges to bring fictional characters to life. With documentaries, historical, and biographical narrations, she adopts a tone that's both respectful and compelling, capable of telling stories with the gravity and nuance they deserve. When tasked with corporate or industrial training scenarios, her voice becomes a tool for education and empowerment, delivering content with clarity, efficiency, and an understanding of the subject matter that ensures messages are not just heard but retained. Crystal�"s voice is one that not only narrates but educates, entertains, and inspires across a diverse range of mediums.



Audiobook - 1st Person - Rom Com